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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


10 Red - h 24" x w 14" - $360.00
I have always admired mobiles.  I like the way they move in the slightest breeze and provide hours of entertainment without  batteries or high technology.

15 BW - h 30 x w 14 - $280.00

B41W8R - h 20 x w 20 - $320.00

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Guppies

I found a smaller gauge of aluminum wire and started making a smaller version of the fish wire sculptures.  Some like them large and some like them small, so the best option is to make all sizes and all possible color combinations.

It is difficult to tell from a picture the actual size of the sculptures.  The red scale box scale should help.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Jelly Fish

One of the hobby stores had bags of glass globules in some very interesting colors.  The glass resembled jelly belly candy and the jelly fish had a name.

These wire sculptures are larger in size and vary from about 6 inches to 20 inches and larger.  Height [H] x Width [W] is posted to determine the relative size.

Desk Plants You Don't Water

One day I was cutting some aluminum and one of the pieces reminded me of a plant leaf. The next thing you know I found a glass plant container at an antique store and plants for purple thumb people was born.

I can't remember how many of these I have made, and I didn't take pictures of all of them.  Here is a image of the largest collection I can find.

I just finished this latest version and so far, is it available...,

Here are a few images I found of some plants I made 3 years ago.  Fortunately they are all sold and living in California.

Sheet Aluminum

A good friend gave me a sheet of aluminum.  He told me it was to be used on an old airplane.  [Apparently, some places are not all fabric].  As it turns out, the combination of aluminum wire and sheet aluminum has a high degree of creative flexibility.  The combination is very light weight so the slightest breeze will make the sculptures move.

And then I discovered that you could paint the sheet aluminum.  This one is candy apple red.

Multi-colored Glass and Aluminum Wire

The next innovation came when I found aluminum wire in multiple gauges.  The more flexible wire allowed me to create sculptures from one inch in size and larger. 

By using a silicon adhesive I’m now able to mix and match any glass in various colors.

Glass and Wire

At some point I got the bright idea to use stained glass to create glass and wire sculptures.  It was a eureka moment.  When creating stained glass panels the is always a tremendous amount of wasted glass.  Glass that is priced at $20.00 / ft sq is sold by the pound in small pieces.  It seemed like a wonderful way to recycle what was considered waste.

Of course I was still using the “very stiff” bailer wire which, as a result, required me to make large size sculptures [usually 16 inches and larger].

How it all started!

Way Back When...,

In 1977 I was working in a stained glass studio and experimenting with mixed media sculpture on the side.  I had a geode that someone gave me and it looked like a fish filet.  I had some wire so I fashioned what I thought looked like a fish and used the geode for the fish body.  I hung it in my studio and everyone that visited admired it. 

I could not find another geode so I started using old rusty corrugated barn tin and bailer wire.  Again, the fish seemed to be very popular.  Soon I discovered that not everyone liked the rustic look so I started making the shiny metal version.  When I found barn tin I would make rusty fish and as I collected shiny metal I made shiny fish.  What I was discovering was there was an audience for every type fish I could make.