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Friday, October 22, 2010

How it all started!

Way Back When...,

In 1977 I was working in a stained glass studio and experimenting with mixed media sculpture on the side.  I had a geode that someone gave me and it looked like a fish filet.  I had some wire so I fashioned what I thought looked like a fish and used the geode for the fish body.  I hung it in my studio and everyone that visited admired it. 

I could not find another geode so I started using old rusty corrugated barn tin and bailer wire.  Again, the fish seemed to be very popular.  Soon I discovered that not everyone liked the rustic look so I started making the shiny metal version.  When I found barn tin I would make rusty fish and as I collected shiny metal I made shiny fish.  What I was discovering was there was an audience for every type fish I could make.

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